RABAUD XYLOG 600 High capacity Log Firewood Processor

The Xylog 600 is a high output firewood log processor for large contractors and firewood producers built with a range of options to suit individual customer requirements.

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The Xylog 600 offers high speed production of quality logs for contactors and large scale producers of firewood. Available for bespoke static instalations to suit customers individual requirements with a range of options or as a self contained standalone mobile unit for efficent site work, capable of being set up or packed away in less than 10 minutes.

 XYLOG 600 self contained mobile log deck loading processor

Standard Features include;

  • 600mm cutting capacity with Oregon harvster spec chainsaw.
  • Twin belt intake of raw timber length upto 5 metres long.
  • 35 ton splitting ram.
  • Hydraulically controlled splitting axe cassette for 2/4/8 & 16 way splitting.
  • Small diameter logs, splitter bypass system

Rabaud Xylog 600 multi blade axe for log splitting on processor with auto centre

Options include;

  • Electric, engine or tractor PTO drive
  • Static plant or mobile
  • Log tables
  • Log cleaner
  • Log loading elevator
  • XYLOmetre computer for production and volume control and automatic axe control
  • Sawdust control
  • Operator cover

Rabaud XYLOG 600 operator control station, great view of the operation


The incredible capacity of the XYLOG 600, and its ability to quickly and easily handle even awkward pieces of timber with its twin infeed belts arranged in a "V" to both centre the wood for cutting and also propel awkward lums of timber into the machine, the ability to cut the next log while the previous log is split, self sentering axes and a simple operation leads to maximum production, with rates of 10-15m³ per hour process timber being  achived on large diameter timber.