Powder & Granular Auger Screw Boom Application for Lime Spreader to reduce dust

Powder & Granular Auger Screw Boom Application for Lime Spreader to reduce dust

Specialist Powder & Fine Granular Spreading with Auger Screw Booms to reduce dust to a minimum especially and provide accurate application especially in windy conditions with Gustrower Lime Spreader

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Gustrowers auger screw booms have been designed to spread fine granular and powder products which are virtually impossible to spread with conventional broadcasting discs. They replace the standard disc spreading unit on the standard Gustrower lime and fertiliser spreaders.

The Gustrower chain and slat conveyor floor drops material directly into the boom hoppers. The hydraulically driven augers transport the material along the length of the boom and adjustable sized holes along the full length of the boom maintain an even application across the full 12 metre spreading width. Weighted plastic curtains at the front and back of the boom provide a wind free area for the powdery product to 'drop' directly to the ground with minimal dust entering the atmosphere.

Ryetec Gustrower Lime Fertiliser spreader with auger screw booms to spread powder products

The unique design of the Gustrower auger booms with their rear vertical folding as opposed the the conventional side folding allows the spreader to be fitted with the maximum possible tyre size as there is no problem with the booms interfering with the speaders wheels when folded.

Ryetec Gustrower Lime spreader with auger screw boom folded for transport

The boom folds with two hydraulic functions, the first when the booms are lowered, a hydraulic transport latch releases and the booms fold down from their vertical position, the second hydraulic rams open the outer 3 metre sections, which then serve as the breakaway system should the boom hit an obstical during work.