Timber Handling Forestry Loading Grapple for loaders and telehandlers

High capacity timber grab for all agricutural loaders, telehandlers, tractors and forklifts, These forestry grapples allow the efficent handling of timber with standard loaders without the requirement to invest in more expensive specialist timber handling cranes

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The loading grapple attachment can be fitted to loaders with standard 'euro' hitches but thanks to a bolt on system for brackets can be adapted to fit all loaders and with a bolt on 3 point linkage to rear of most agricultural tractors. The combination of a heavy duty 3 ton rated 360º rotator and a powerful forestry timber grapple mounted on a metre long arm allows any loader to easily pick up felled timber and place it easily and acurately on trailers, firewood processors or just to allow for easy extraction and stacking.

 Ryetec forestry timber firewood loading grapple grab for telehandlers and loaders

High tensile steel is used to construct the grapple arms for maximum strength and minimum weight and teeth on the rear of the frame allow logs to be carried lengthways without swinging.

 Ryetec forestry timber firewood loading grapple grab

The grab requires two double acting services to operate but can also be supplied with an electro valve to switch a single hydraulic service to operate either the grapple or rotator in tern which is ideal for use on front loaders.

Ryetec forestry timber firewood loading grapple grab tractor three point linkage mounted