Ryetec Contractor Combi firewood log processing stations

Flexible low cost processing of all kinds of wood with this Circular Saw, Splitter, Conveyor combined in one easy to use and practicle unit with a range options.

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Build a machine to suit your application;

  • Standard 700mm tungsten tipped saw blade
  • Standard manually operated pivoting bench (hydraulically operated option)
  • 12 ton splitter with 500 & 750mm splitting length, hydraulically driven from PTO pump
  • Combined 4 metre telescopic elevator 250mm wide driven by tractors hydraulics 
  • Tractor PTO/hydraulic or electric driven
  • 3 point linkage mounted

 Ryetec Contractor Combi firewood log processor CC700.12.EVH4

Range of Options include;

Professional user pack including;

  • Self contained hydraulic drive for conveyor
  • Log length measure
  • 4 way splitting axe
  • 2 speed control of splitter

Also available with

  • Power operated bench
  • 350mm wide conveyor
  • 5 metre long conveyor
  • Vertical or horizontally mounted splitter
  • Trailer mounted
  • Self power with petrol engine


 Ryetec Contractor Combi firewood log processor CC700.12.EVH4