XPI High Capacity Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

High specification mid range twin disc Fertiliser spreader with 12-32 Metre spreading, 1.5, 2 & 2.5 ton capacity, Weighcell (KYLO) model available with computer control and recording of area and quantity spread.

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High Specification Fertiliser Spreaders for the small & medium size farming operations

Ryetec Agrex XPI spreaders are designed for high output and and accurate application of all types of prilled fertiliser using a twin disc spreading system with a double overlap spreading pattern. With a base hopper capacity of 1500 litres with 2000 and 2500 litre option these spreaders can carry up to 2.5 tons of material or 4 bulk bags. Designed and built in Italy by Agrex for european farming conditions their experience built up over a number of years offers a high quality product backed up with contiuos research and development.

Ryetec agrex fertiliser spreader disc and dosing detail

Choose Your Operating System

The XPI is available with basic hydraulic shut off, computer speed related control or full weigh cell control with fully automatic rate control (KYLO system).

Ryetec Agrex KYLO weigh cell computer control

Accurate Spreading

All Agrex spreaders are independently tested with most common fertiliser products to provide accurate settings to allow operators to quickly set machines up for different types of fertiliser and achieve accurate application. With the use of spreading trays the machines fine adjustments of fertiliser drop point and vane length and position (no tools system) can easily be altered to achieve the best possible spread pattern with any granular fertilser.

Ryetec Agrex fertiliser spreader test patterns

Strong and Durable

Robust chassis design and high quality manufacturing processes mean the XPI is made to last with minimum down time and extensive use of stainless steel on all control surfaces as well as the base of the hopper gives these spreaders a long service life even with the most aggressive fertilisers.

Ryetec Agrex KYLO weigh cell frame detail

Attention to the detail offers a spreader thats easy to use and produces reliable results year in year out

Ryetec XPI twin disc fertiliser fertiliser spreader detail