Contractor Heavy Duty Horizontal Tractor Cordwood Log Splitters

Heavy duty horizontal Corwood Log Splitters up to 13 - 80 tons.

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Contractor Horizontal Logsplitter Range;


Ryetec heavy duty PTO log splitter for tractor with roof mounted crane

These machines represent the best value range of heavy duty log splitting technology, with heavy duty build quality they are effective and easy use to give years of efficent and active service.

  1. 1. Choose the splitting force, 13,16,22 & 30 tons (40, 50 & 80 ton machines made to order)
  2. 2. Choose the maximum splitting length, 1.05, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.5m & 3.0m
  3. 3. Choose either tractor hydraulic (not recommended for machines over 1.05m splitting) or PTO with self contained oil tank and pump system for reliable and fast operation

Standard Features;

  • Substantial 'spine' frame
  • Simple splitting control with automatic return of splitting piston
  • Cat 1 & 2 Three point linkage
  • Angled stationary 'axe'
  • 2 speed control valve

Options include;

  • Fixed or "floating" cross wedges
  • Twin pumps for faster operation on longer splitting lengths and reduced heating of oil
  • Trailer axle and drawbar instead of 3 point linkage, ideal for longer machines.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of cross wedge
  • Hydraulic 'doors' for acurate placement of trunks for splitting
  • Self powered with petrol or diesel engine
  • High speed axle and overun brakes
  • Remote control for use with cranes

CH40, 40 ton splitter with trailer, hydraulic cross wedge and remote control

 Ryetec Contractor heavy duty cordwood trunk log splitter



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