Self propelled & Truck Mounted Lime & Fertiliser Spreader

Gustrower Lime & Fertiliser Spreader units to mount directly to off road trucks and other power units

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For Specailist contractors, mounted gustrowers spreaders offer high performance and accuracy spreading of any type of soil improving materials from high quality fertilisers which they can spread up to 42 metres wide at rates down to 40kg/ha. 

Ryetec Ryetrac MAN self propelled Gustrower lime and fertiliser spreader

High volume products such as lime, limex, fibrophos, gypsum can be spread at up to 16,000kg/Ha and the machines will also spread compost and chicken litter. Machines can be supplied ready mounted to MAN 4 x 4 offroad trucks or to other specialist power units with a range of options to suit any spreading requirement.

Ryetec ryetrac gustrower truck mounted self propelled lime and fertiliser spreader


Gustrower spreading units can be built to suit any power unit with a standard range of bodies from 5 to 10 cubic metres capacity, add to this extension sides and capacities up to 16 cubic metres can be achieved for really bulk products. Gustrower spreaders can be supplied with a range of options to suit individual needs with example as follows;

  • Weigh cells
  • Crumble roller
  • Fertiliser discs
  • Heavy duty lime discs
  • Sheets, manual and hydraulic
  • Auger booms for powder products
  • Variable rate GPS equipment
  • Boarder spreading equipment