Kompass Heavy Duty Commercial Sidearm Flail Mowers

The Kompass range provide a high specification sidearm flail mower for verge and hedge cutting for large farmers and contractors, with choice of straight arm, telescopic or variable forward reach to suit all situations.

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Standard specification includes

  • Twin pump independent hydraulics on all machines
  • Large capacity oil tanks with optional oil cooler
  • Parallel arm geometry
  • Main arm float and floating head
  • Reversible rotor
  • Choice of control system
  • Power slew of 92º (45º on KS450) and auto reset
    hydraulic break back
  • Robust heavy duty construction
  • Models range from 4.6m to 6m reach
  • Additional reach of up to 8m available with standard
    arm geometry and telescopic arms on Kompass base unit.

Seven different models

KS450:KS500: Straight arm, for tractors over 60hp, 4.65/5.05m reach
Straight arm, for tractors over 70hp, 5.45m reach
KS600T: Straight arm, for tractors over 80hp, 5.4m reach.  Telescopic second arm machine, for tractors over 80hp, 6m reach

KS650: Straight arm for tractors over 90hp, 6.35m reach
KA550: Forward reach arm, contractors' machine for tractors over 80hp, 5.6m reach

KA650: Forward reach arm machine for tractors over 100hp, 6.25m rach


The Kompass range share a common chassis design which provides the strength required to mount the different arm options. In addition the KS600T has a 1m telescopic second arm offering compact dimensions in awkward situations, but larger machine capacity when required. 


The KA550/650 features a hydraulically controlled parallel second arm which moves the cutting head in to the operator’s line of vision (1.2m forward + 1.2m back)


Ryetec kompass side arm flail models and specifcations


Standard Specification

Includes; linkage stabilizing kit, rear bumper with lights and forklift tine brackets, 150mm diameter height ajustable rear roller, 246º roatation of head
Please ask for details on models with up to 8m reach

J (competition type) flail supplied as standard.
Alternatively we can supply flails or your own choice.
Please specify at time of order.

standard J flail

Standard J Flail



  • Electric controls
  • Joystick proportional controls
  • 1.5 m head (instead of 1.3m head, available on KS550, KS600T and KA550)
  • Oil cooler
  • Axial piston pump & motor (high power)
  • Universal axle mounting bracket
  • High visibility paint (standard colour is blue)
  • Forestry head (heavy duty)
  • Heavy duty fingerbar, cuts up to 50mm diameter, 1.5 or 1.8m long with reciprocating blades, leaflet available
  • Rotary ditch and grip cleaner, 550mm or 650mm in diameter

Kompass diagram

Dimensions (m)

 Ryetec Kompass side arm flail model dimentions



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