Super Compact and Professional Sidearm Flail Mowers

Twin pump independent hydraulics give excellent reliability and maximum power 

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Standard Features

  • Twin pump independent hydraulics
    give excellent reliability and maximum power
  • Convenient cable controls
    allow operation from the tractor seat, including on/off power to the cutting head and reverse drive of the flail rotor
  • Head rotation of 240º
    gives greater flexibility of use in awkward situation
  • Hydraulic break back
    prevents damage to machine if caught on obstruction

  • Heavy duty flail head
    with direct drive motor, reversible with choice of flails, internal bearings and large 150mm (6”) diameter roller with heavy duty bearings
  • Three point linkage mounted
    for ease of fitting and removal, with stabilising bracket
  • Floating main arm
    for ease of use on verge mowing
  • Robust heavy duty construction
    for extended life and trouble free operation. Frame includes forklift brackets for ease of handling

  • Electric controls
    of arm movement , rotor on/off and direction and floating head
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
    to extend life of hydraulic components and oil even in extreme conditions of climate and use
  • Fingerbar trimmer
    for use on ornamental hedges
  • Rotary ditch and grip cleaner
    for the mechanical maintenance of surface
    water drainage
  • Heavy duty reciprocating trimmer
    for cutting material of up to 50mm (2”)

Compact Flail Models


Standard specification
Back to back Type 15 ‘Y’ flail on SC with Type B1 boot flail as optional. Please specify type of flail when ordering. Twin pump independent hydraulics, reversible rotor, cable controls, height adjustable rear roller, linkage stabilizing kit, 240º articulation of head.

Fingerbar cutting head 1.8m
Electric controls
Oil cooler
Universal axle mounting bracket
Heavy duty fingerbar, cuts up to 50mm diameter
Rotary ditch and grip cleaner
    450mm diameter
    550mm diameter
    650mm diameter

Type 15 Half Y flail 08-21-51 Type 5 Single boot type flail BOM 60 
Type 15
Half Y flail
Type 5
Single boot type flail
BOM 60 


SC470 dimensions

Dimensions (m)

SC470 dimensions



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