Gustrower High Capacity Fertiliser and Lime spreader

Güstrower Trailed High Capacity Fertiliser & Lime Spreaders, spread high quality fertilisers up to 42 metres and lime, fibrophos, kropkare, peagrow, gypsum, offspec fertiliser, slag through to compost and chicken litter

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Güstrower spreaders offer;

  • High accuracy with spreading widths of upto 40m.
  • Unique scraper chain gives high accuracy feed, even of difficult to spread material
  • Unique independent hydraulically driven spreading discs with constant speed drive for accurate spread pattern.
  • Capacities from 5 to 14 cubic metres.
  • Able to spread all kinds of fertilisers including poor quality lime, poultry litter & compost.
  • Electronic control of application with minimal maintenance through a long working life time.
  • Application rates from 40 to 16000kgs per Ha.

The heart of the Güstrower system is the unique scraper chain material delivery system.

Ryetec Gustrower lime fertiliser spreader chain and slat high accuracy conveyor system

Unlike a conventional belt, material cannot slip on the scrapers surface nor due to it’s positive sprocket drive can the chain slip like a rubber belt on it’s drive pulley. This leads to accuracy levels of +/- 1 to 2% after calibration, not only that, but the chain can handle lumpy and poor quality material. The chains action breaks up the material and ensuring an even feed, for the really tough stuff an optional powered crumbler roller can also be fitted. With only four bearings for the entire chain, and the chains ability to deal with foreign object without damage, it offers a long and reliable service lifetime with minimal maintenance. The chain is driven via a heavy duty reduction gear box by the tractors hydraulic system, speed is monitored and controlled by the electronic control unit, and regulated according to a speed sensor on the spreaders wheel.

The Güstrower’s key to high accuracy is the hydraulically driven constant speed twin disc spreading unit.

Ryetec Gustrower lime and fertiliser spreader twin disc spreader unit

Flow of material is guided onto the exact part of the discs to ensure even and accurate application by stainless steel adjustable guides, the settings are made from spreading tables provided for each type of material. Spread patterns are calibrated at the independent testing facility in Bygholm, Denmark. Key to maintaining accurate spread patterns in the field, is an exact disc speed. Conventional mechanical transmission systems vary with tractor engine rev’s, a big problem when spreading with a heavy machine on hilly terrain. The Gustrower has a independent hydraulic system, PTO driven, which automatically maintains a exact disc speed even if the input tractors PTO speed increases or decreases. The high power hydraulic motor dives the discs via a twin gearbox system maintain disc timing even under heavy load.

Ryetec Gustrower GDK8000 lime spreader, spreading fibrophos with contactor R J Cutting Ipswich


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