Gustrower launches chaser bin range trio 2010-06-18

Gustrower launches chaser bin range trio

Published in: Farmers Guardian


The Gustrower GTU 25 is one of three high-capacity chaser bins from Ryetec Industrial Equipment.

Also in the line-up are a smaller GTU 20 model and larger capacity, triple-axle GTU 32. Carrying capacities (in cubic metres) are denoted by model numbers.

A heavy-duty chain drive at the front, which is used to drive both the central and unloading augers, is standard across the range. Output is claimed to be 7t/min.

A hydraulically-controlled slide in the base of the body allows the operator to control the flow rate when topping up trailers. This, says Ryetec, makes the bins suitable for bulk fertiliser and seed.

The 650/65x30.5 tyres used help reduce rolling resistance, making the bin easier to pull. The last axle is a following item, which helps to prevent surface damage when turning in the field.

For more information contact;
Ryetec Industrial Equipment Limited
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Malton, North Yorkshire,
YO17 8NR

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