Gustrower twin axle lime & fertiliser spreader 2015-06-01


When spreading contactor Andrew Dutton and his Father David started looking to replace one of their older lime spreaders, they were keen to upgrade to a larger capacity machine, but the tight Shropshire lanes where they operate mean manoeuvrability is vital to access narrow gateways often encountered on their spreading round.

A conversation with Ryetec and enquiries to Gustrower in Germany with very specific requirements has led to the first GDK9000 lime spreader in the world been introduced at Cereals 2015. Based on the smaller GDK8000 a single axle machine but with a longer hopper and using Gustrowers proven Chaser bin tandem axle system with rear steer has produced a machine capable of carrying 1.5 more material than the single axle unit and with a tighter turning circler thanks to the rear steer axle, the twin axle and 4 wheel arrangement also means less ground pressure than the single axle machine while retaining Gustrowers well know chain and slat conveyor system and efficient twin disc spreading unit capable of spreading fertiliser up to 40 meters at rates down to 40kg/ha right through to lime, Gypsum and even compost with rates of over 15 ton/ha. 

This machine offered the ideal package for Andrew Dutton and the machine which will also be fitted with a KTS crane for self-loading will also make the spreader completely self-sufficient and able to travel, load and spread independently and move quickly around the highways and byways of Shropshire and keep Dutton Agriservices customers old and new happy with a prompt and efficient service.

For more info and to see the machines visit Ryetec @ Cereals 2015 on stand 539 or;


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