SMART Grain Drier from Ryetec has ‘App’eal on function and finance ! 2015-05-01

Agrex, Italy’s leading manufacturers of Grain processing, milling and drying equipment launched at the recent SIMA exhibition in Paris their new SMART  version mobile drier. Based on the successful and proven PRT range of mobile driers, the new SMART version is now available in the UK from Agrex’s UK supplier Ryetec, and provides the user with a fully automated system where by a target moisture content is given to the machine, which then fills, dries to the required moisture content, cools, and empties completely automatically. All this can be monitored at any point by the famer/operator with a special Agrex ‘app’ on his smart phone which indicates the stage of operation, statistics of performance and any faults. This gives the operator the freedom to leave the yard and continue with other jobs whilst the drier gets on with its work or even to monitor the machine if operating during the night with checks being made remotely on the machine and the drying progress. 

All Agrex driers benefit from the revolutionary external recirculating/loading auger, this system offers the unique benefit of allowing the recirculating speed of the drier to be increased as the grain dries unlike conventional systems where the recirculating speed of the grain is only adjustable when the hopper is empty which means the speed is limited by input moisture (the wetter, the slower). Agrex driers can be speeded up as the grain dries vastly reducing drying time, allowing for a more even heating of the grain (and avoiding hot spots) and therefore saving fuel and speeding output. The new SMART system also controls this function automatically speeding up recirculation speed as the grain dries.

Add to all this the fantastic 0% finance deal available from Agrex’s UK importer Ryetec, to spread payment of the machine over the next 3 years after a initial deposit with annual payments after all is safely gathered in November of 2015/16 & 17.