New no till drill well received at UK LAMMA exhibition 2016-01-24

The new MAAG no till Drill was launched at LAMMA 2016 for the first time to UK farmers, and judging by the enquiries we will have a lot of demos to do this spring and backend, it also seems it may be a very usefull tool in the fight against blackgrass.

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Ryetec MAAG SSP No Till Drill operates with minimal soil disturbance to help reduce weed germination and herbicide use.

The new MAAG SSP drill is the result of 5 years development to provide a simple and effective drill which can operate as a direct drill (no till) or in min till operations and also with conventional tillage sowing. The drill features independently floating coulters with adjustable pressure upto 250kgs, a large 435mm diameter scalloped disc opens the ground and a smaller plain disc creates the drill for the seed, and two adjustable angle press wheels close the seed in the ground. The straight disc design mean minimum soil disturbance and therefore reduced weed seed germination post drilling, ideal in the fight to control blackgrass and also keeps power requirement to a minimum. The following press wheels also control individual coulter depth, as well as the drills large wheels and drawbar which have adjustable hydraulic stops to control the whole drilling depth.

The mounting of alternate rows at the front and rear of the drill combined with the disc coulter give excellent performance in heavy trash conditions and the centrally mounted seed hopper means equal pressure on both rows of coulters with excellent contour following characteristics. The drill distributes seed pneumatically with a single metering system which can be ground wheel driven or by GPS for variable rate application and there is the option of a second meter and hopper compartment for fertiliser application.

The SSP drill is trailed with a special linkage mounted towing bar for tight headland turning, and is available as a fixed 3 metre wide unit or from 4-6 metres with hydraulic folding to 2.50 metres for easy road transport, for more info contact Ryetec on 01944 768232 or