New Weigh Cell Fertiliser Spreader at Tillage Live 2012-08-17

Ryetec will introduce the Agrex range of linkage mounted high capacity fertiliser spreaders at Tillage Live Wednesday 3rd October, Westfield, Haddington, East Lothian






Ryetec Agrex DDI 3 ton weigh cell fertiliser spreader

Built in Italy by Agrex, a company with 20 years experience of agricultural fertiliser spreader production they are Italy’s largest manufacturer producing over 18,000 units last year alone and exporting all over the world with significant sales in France and Germany, they have never sold their larger agricultural machines in the UK until now.

The Ryetec Agrex DDI3000 KYLO which will be introduced to UK Farmers at Tillage Live offers a high quality machine with a tested and proven spreading accuracy up to 32 metres combined with KYLO technology which continuously weighs the fertiliser load in the spreaders hopper (6 times a second) and uses this information to adjust the flow of material to the spreading discs to give accurate application rates irrespective of forward speed. Ryetec have been testing one of these machine in the UK this spring with impressive results, the 3 ton capacity machine (smaller models are available) holds 5 x 600kg bags easily even with 200kg still in the hopper and extensive use of stainless steel on all control surfaces and even including the hopper bottom means the machines are built to last. Simple and easy adjustment of the fertiliser drop point and vane adjustment without tools, hydraulically controlled headland boarder deflector, ultra slow speed horizontal agitation system and a robust double three point linkage incorporating a 7.5 ton weigh cell are all standard equipment. The user friendly KYLO computer developed specifically for the Agrex spreaders records all the necessary information of area covered and quantity spread etc in a 50 job memory.