Cost savings boost large area mowers appeal 2012-02-20

The Triflex large area mower from Ryetec has already proved itself as a credible option to cylinder and rotary type mowers since its launch in 2004, but it’s capacity to cut grass of any length to a close high quality finish in one pass without unsightly rows or lumps of cut grass afterward even in wet conditions means it leaves conventional cylinder mowers and fine cut rotaries way behind. In the latest round of reduced cuts now being forced on local authorities in an effort to cut costs the Triflex is ideal, not only does it leave a good finish but the reduced costs of maintenance and the ease of use compared to conventional cylinder mowers and the better cutting results in longer grass compared to roller mowers in a reduced number of annual cuts give any Triflex user a big advantage. Triflex operators know that whatever the weather, growing season or ground conditions, they will always be able to cut grass, leave a reasonable finish, and keep up with rounds even in a fast growing season. latest converts, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, Grounds Maintenance Services are looking forward to the 2012 season, now they are Triflex equipped as the 2011 season tackled with a combination of cylinders and rotaries is best forgotten !

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