High capacity fertiliser spreaders from Gustrower 2010-01-22

LAMMA 10: High capacity fertiliser spreaders from Gustrower

Published in: Farmers Weekly Interactive (read article)


Ryetec has started importing high-capacity spreaders from German Company Gustrower.

All spreaders in the range use chain delivery systems rather than belt-driven setups, meaning nearly all spreading can be carried out with one machine, sarys the company, such as lime, wet lime, mineral fertiliser and compost, with interchangeable discs.  Chain feed is controlled electronically and accuracy is close to 1-2%, even with clumpy material.  All models are ISO-bus compliant and are compatible with GPS and precision farming systems.  Capacities range from 5cu.m. to 12.5cu.m. with application rates from 40 kg/ha to 1600 kg/ha possible.


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